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Welcome to Our Company!

SocialeMedia started in 2010, as a branch of Wellington’s Marketing Agency E-Ideas Ltd. The project was undertaken by bestselling inter-generational relationships expert Eva-Maria who wanted to put in practice the idea of generations working together.

Having formed a team of an initial three young people, since its start, SocialeMedia has grown to almost 20 individuals working on Social Media projects for companies around the world.

Our philosophy is simple: Smart Ideas for Marketing Success Online.

Our niche is in implementing and executing Social Media Strategy for businesses who either do not possess the resources to hire staff for the Social Media task in-house, want a boost in their online start, or need the training or supplementary services to complement their existing online in-house activity.

Our real point of difference is, after initial consultations, we can put a team of savvy business & internet workers in place so they can not only develop your Social Media Strategy and Set Up your online presence to bring you better traffic, but also manage the online life of your organisation.

Because, let's face it: no matter how amazing Social Media is, it takes a lot of time to set up and run. Your time is money, and that is the reason why we make it easier for you, offering the option of managing your Social Media for you with as much or as little involvement of your time.

So, from here, we can help you in a number of ways.

Because now that you know about us, we’d love to find out how we can help you.

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Social-E-Media a div of E-ideas Limited

Social-E-Media a div of E-ideas Limited
Social-E-Media a div of E-ideas Limited
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