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Welcome to our company!

There's no doubt about it: times are changing, and so are the tools we use.

In both the social and business realms, Social Media has shown a great advantage to its users, and the opportunities from using this type of media as an organisation to connect with both niche markets and the masses is growing by the day.

From attending seminars and workshops where business owners were told to start using Social Media to bring on more business, founder Eva-Maria noticed many businesses wanted exposure on Social Media, but didn't know how to start, do it effectively, and most of all, didn't have time to invest to get real results, let alone keep Pages regularly updated.

TheSocialeMedia Services were all designed specifically with you in mind, after years of research of how businesses market themselves online. "Gurus" all forget to mention that it will take up just as much time online, as networking in general does in the real world. Where people get caught out is that even with the best tools to help you, no one can double your time so you can fit in both conducting your business as well as ‘doing’ Social Media properly into your busy schedule. Thus, SocialeMedia was born; to help you save time!

SocialeMedia took the market by storm in 2010 where we were the first to offer something more than just helping companies update their profiles; we took it one step further to find companies new clients - not only in Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, and other cities around New Zealand but around the world too.

The one key action many aren't doing, or doing right, is the one step everyone not experiencing success on Social Media is lacking: engagement. We pretty much built out success on this concept, and it goes beyond asking fans good questions, or posting up a pretty photo; we go the extra mile to drive real results, real people, and real return on what we do for you.

This particular project lead by ASSIA & AX Advertising Ltd agency and E-ideas Ltd marketing implementation specialists, started in Wellington, New Zealand. It is combining over 40 years of traditional marketing expertise with the technologically savvy Generation Y to present you with the best of both worlds - it lets you hand over your Social Media to a staff base made up of trained people from all over the world to help keep your Social Media running, as well as making new connections to increase business opportunities.


Three fantastic entities collaborate on this project to bring more light on Social Media in New Zealand and beyond.

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(SocialeMedia Founder) is NZ's inter-generational relationships & Social Media expert. Her latest project combining organisations and Social Media is another way she is finding universal ways of bridging the inter-generational gap.

Social-E-Media a div of E-ideas LimitedE-ideas Ltd - even the best marketing strategies can not achieve results unless implemented. E-ideas Ltd are specialists in providing tools and resources for cost-effective implementation. Discover New Zealand's largest B2B database or learn more about powerful web solutions

Social-E-Media a div of E-ideas Limited
ASSIA & AX Advertising
- Marketing, Advertising and Design are like three Rubic's Cubes. Not many are capable of rotating them all at once. We are. Discover the power of Profitable Solutions HERE

With so much international hype, it's hard to keep up, let alone understand and try out what works for your organisation online, what doesn't, and what local businesses should be doing to attract customers and partners locally and internationally on the Social Media front.

Since SocialeMedia started in 2010, we have worked on countless Social Media projects to help organisations like yours understand what Social Media is, and how to use it more efficiently.

Our real point of difference is, after initial consultations, we can put a team of savvy business & internet workers in place so they can not only develop your Social Media Strategy and Set Up your online presence to bring you better traffic, but also manage the online life of your organisation. Because, let's face it: no matter how amazing Social Media is, it takes a lot of time to set up and run. Your time is money, and that is the reason why we make it easier for you, offering the option of managing your Social Media for you with as much or as little involvement of your time.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the SocialeMedia team HERE or to check out our recommended products to boost your Online Exposure, check out our Products Page

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